Do YOU have any rumors for news hounds concerning Live Dance Music here in the NW. 

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Rumors Nov. 2018

We will try to answer these questions in the near future  7-26-2019

No interest???? Not one inquiry or any comments received.  
Some questions below about Your Kind of Music 
We are working on a list of Local Musicians (A Roll of Honor) NW area.  Many have passed away, but there are quite a few that were in the area for a while and all of a sudden were gone. If you know of anyone, their whereabouts and what they may be doing now, please send the info in. I get questions often about "whatever happened to old so and so? " Please send it to or call my home phone: 253-473 8557 and leave your phone number. The answering machine will answer after five rings.  

We are always interested in any new rumors concerning N W Country Music.  

Please send them in along with a contact phone for you to:

What do YOU want?????????????????

1. What's going on with the Auburn Eagles, Puyallup Eagles, Tacoma Elks. Is there a new Eagles club in town. Are there any new clubs in line for future or after new years?

2. Do the dancers still want just ballroom and swing stuff?
Rumor has it that there are one or two clubs that have almost gone bankrupt due to that fact. 
Is it true?

3. Do they just want line dance? Same thing Same question as #2

Or do they want a mixture of all of the above??

Club managers and band leaders are tearing their hair out trying to figure out what you folks want.  

Anything new in Bremerton, Olympia, Shelton or a little farther South.  

There is a country jam going on down at the Stonegate on South Tacoma Way, but there are those who are leary of that area.  

What's happening with the Lady Luck on their Sunday gigs. They used to have a fairly decent crowd there when they still did the Jam Session. But it appears they feel a need to get bands from down Olympia way, from Seattle or even Bremerton or in some cases even from down by Portland. Did we run out of musicians or what? Is there too much country music? Is there too much Rock and Roll or too much loud Rock and Roll? How about Country music that turns out to be too loud for that matter? Or do you even care? Spit it out. These clubs have a hard time making you happy. Are there any solutions in mind?

Is it still OK for the band to allow extras to get up and sing? Would it help to be able to hear new and different singers? I don't mean just somebody that happens to be a karaoke king or queen and expects the music to be exactly like the record or just anyone that signs the signup sheet? You cannot have people get up there that tend to sing off key or anything else that would displease the crowd. After all, the bands are there to bring in paytrons and money for the club so they can get paid for their hard work.  
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Wally has a new set of eyes.  He had both cataracts removed and new lenses installed.  What a wonderful world it is with-----it's just like the soap commercials.  The whites are really white and there are just not enough words to describe the beautiful hues and shades of all colors.  It is a big beautiful, wonderful and bright world out there folks.  I don't care what the Democrats and Republicans tell you.  Life is worth living!!!

Next on the agenda is surgery for his right leg.

Were not exactly sure how extensive it might be but hopefully just an Angioplasty will suffice.  If you're still smoking this type of operation just might be one hell of an inspiration to quit NOW.  I quit ten years ago and smoking is still letting me know who is the boss. I'm hoping I will be tied up for maybe just till the first of the year, but that remains to be seen.