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Black River Falls Band
 Since 1978
Tacoma, Bremerton, Seattle & Olympia, Washington

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One of the Pacific Northwest's 
Premier Country and Variety Bands with Three Singers, Lead, Pedal Steel, Bass, Rhythm & Drums
This page was last updated on: May 26, 2016
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Black River Falls Band is at:

Now that. we have updated to Windows 10 and finally cleared all the bugs that entailed, Here is the latest news as of May 25, 2016

Black River Falls  Band will be at

Tacoma Am Vets Post 1 

South 56th & Tyler St in Tacoma, WA 

Friday, May 27th from 8 to midnight

Lady Luck Cowgirl Up on June 5

Wayne Turner Has Passed Away

Please stop by and support Live Music

Current schedule is on site now  May 25, 2016

Please Support Live Music.  


If you are using  the Chome Browser, all four songs on Judy's Tribute page will come on at the same time as a result of Chromes' latest update last year.  The Tribute page is best seen in Internet Explorer, Version 8 or later.  
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