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Below is a profound statement by one of our premier guitarists here in the NorthWest.  Al published this jewel on Facebook last month.  I feel it is worthy of passing on to those that understand and care.  Thank you sir for an insight that many have not attained yet.

Don't give up after the first two sentences.  It could possibly scare a few, but reading the entire comment and cogitating on its significance should give one a feeling of peace, tranquility and the thought that "...defying scientific explanation". should be a goal for all.   

Al Alto
5 hrs · 
Get up at 0630 a lot and play my guitar, often exploring a concept conceived the night before. Last night and this morning I was playing through the triple minor key 2-5’s at the end of Stella by Starlight that descend in whole steps with the final one resolving on B flatmaj7. I paused for some coffee and turned on the radio, a beautiful, simple song played that was a hit...It made me question my deep exploration of the fingerboard when there is an infinite amount of music right on the surface to be mined. I recalled Ronnie Pierce telling me a story about when he was young, on the road back east somewhere, playing in the pit orchestra, working on his chops 12 plus hours a day. He said the Grand ol’ opry show came through town and Hank Sr. Walked out, he looked up from the pit and noticed the spotlights reflecting off Hank’s ring like a laser, Hank then strummed a C chord and started singing “Your cheating heart,” Ronnie said the crowd went wild and at that moment, he wondered why he was studying so hard. I see now, whatever drives me to unravel the mysteries of the guitar, no matter how much knowledge I attain, I need to apply it in such a way that compliments the song, and remember to approach music spiritually, always giving it the utmost respect, not falling prey to the contempt of familiarity, because even the most simple melodies played properly, with heart, can be moving beyond description, defying scientific explanation.(note to self)

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