Black River Falls Band
 Since 1978
Tacoma, Bremerton, Seattle & Olympia, Washington

Good Dance Music 
for 44 Years .
Country and Some Not Country Bands in NW.
If you see bands on here that are defunct or know of new ones please let me know @ 

Most of the bands here are Country bands.  But, there are others that furnish good dance music as well.
Not everyone likes Country and who am I to say what is good for you.  Therefore, we will publish for Country, Country Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Western Swing, Swing, Big Band, etc.  We will not advertise hip-hop, grunge or teenybopper music.  Also the bands we publish in the Happenings section must be working professional bands that are getting paid a decent wage---not out cutting their fellow musicians throats just to get the job. 
We personally take the time to hear these different bands when our Black River Falls Band is not working.  

This list has dropped from 84 bands down to 41.  Quite a drop in just a couple of years.  If you want live dance bands to go out and have fun with, you  need to support live music faithfully and often.  

1.$5 Fine 
2.Backfire Band--Country—southern Rock--Chehalis area   
3.Big Ed & Country Comfort--Country—Seattle area 
5.Billy Roy Danger & The Rectifiers--Blues, Rock
6.Billy stoops and Junkyard Jane—Blues, Rock, Etc. 
7.Billy Shew—Dawson’s during the week and some            weekends—Blues, etc. 
8.Black River Falls Band--Country, Rock & Variety 
9.Bouchards--Country--  Seattle mainly at the Little Red Hen 
10.Brian Butler Blues Band--Blues-- Lot of singles or duos. 
11.Buckaroo Blues--Country— Seattle area 
12.Buckaroosters--Country—Seattle  Little Red Hen.  
13.Broken Trail—Country--back to a four piece band from five.  
15.Classic Road Band--Country--Everett area  
17.Davenos—Rock & Blues
18.Doubleback--Country, Country Rock--Tacoma and South
19.Duwamish Band--Dixieland Jazz—Seattle 
20.Doveland—Country with  Nikki Coleman  
21.Eight Second Ride--Country 
22.Honky Tonk Drifters—Country Chehalis       
23.Jonathan Harris—Country  Once in a great while
24.3 Piece Suit with Karl Thurmond
25.Katzenjammer--Disco, Rock, Country & Variety
26.Knut Bell & The Blue Collars-Country, etc.
27.Latigo Lace--Country
28.Leanne Trevelin--Blues, etc.
29.Little Bill and The Blue Notes—Blues--50’s & 60’s Rock
30.Maia Santell and House Blend—Blues and Huge Variety 
31.Michael Crain Band--Country, etc.
32.Patty & The Travelin Four—Country & Variety
33.Randy Oxford Band--Blues, Rock 
34.Raucous Band--Rock, Country
35.Rod Cook--Blues, Jazz, Rock
36.Roy K Trio—Rock, Rockabilly
37.Shadrack--Country—Bullet Creek  and  Buckaroo Blues all                  three or together 
39.Still Got It Band—Rock 
40.Tatoosh--Rock & Roll/some Country-
41.Tim Hall Band--Blues, Rock- 
       Tru North Band--Country
42.Turn Back Time—Classic Rock
43.Vicci Martinez—Rock, Blues, Jazz
44.Wes Jones Band--Country
45.Wild Turkeys—Country

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