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Band Schedule
Black River Falls Band
Since 1978
Tacoma, Bremerton, Seattle & Olympia Washington 

  2018 Schedules 

 Black River Falls Band + Jim and Wally

Updated on 11-12-2018

​June 15  Fri                                      Puyallup Eagles                           8:00 -- 12:00
          22                                           Bremerton Elks                            7:30 -- 11:30

July  29  Sunday                           Char Private Party                          2:00 -6:00
Aug   24 Fri                                     Amvets in  Tacoma                        8:00 – 12:00

Sept   21                                   Jim & Wally Bremerton Elks                7:30 – 11:30

Nov    16                                          Amvets in Tacoma                      8:00 -- 12:00

Dec    21                                  Jim & Wally Bremerton Elks               7:30 –

Jan     4   2019                                Jim & Wally Bremerton Elks                7:30 –                                                                                           

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We are proud to announce the Black River Falls Band is now into our 40th year of playing Country and Variety Dance Music for our friends.  

Thanks for spending all those hours with us. We hope to be entertaining you for many more.

Thanks, Bunches,
Black River Falls Band

Hang in there

More coming in 2019   We're not done yet!!!

Good Dance Music 
for 40Years .
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Thanks for spending all those evenings with us.  

40 years of Good Country and Variety Dance Music

We Treasure your Friendship and Participation

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