Jam Sessions
Jam Sessions:
Jam sessions are usually on Sundays, but are held on other days of the week as well.  
Come out and support these folks.  You may get performers up there that range from Aunt Sadie to Taylor Swift.  You just never know, but WOW do we professionals ever get blown away several times a year, by just being there at the right time to hear someone new.  
If you’ve never been to a jam session, you owe it to yourself to come and enjoy the talent just one time whether it is country, blues, jazz or bluegrass or whatever it is these folks want to perform for you.  Not only do you get the opportunity to enjoy the music, but can take usually a Sunday early afternoon or evening to enjoy music, dancing, good food, favorite beverages and being around some wonderful people.
We have more good talent right here in our Northwest neighborhood than most localities throughout the United States.  These musicians, some old duffers and many newcomers to the music business need folks to come out and hoot and holler for them a few times.  
Several of the younger performers have started at these jam sessions and went on to recording contracts.  
All musicians deserve hugs and just coming in and saying hi helps a lot.  
Applauding and smiles are a big help.  Musicians in general have a bad reputation. Yes, there are a few who deserve that, but the vast majority of them have spent thousands of hours to perfect their music skills, enjoy what they are doing and love to entertain.  Singer or instrumentalist, they pour their hearts out all over the dance floor trying to tell a story or putting out feelings and in many cases the folks just stomp all over ‘em.  So pay attention to these entertainers and give ‘em your warm and welcome support.   Back to top 
Pat's Little Red Barn   +7 to 11
2091 Washington 300  Belfair, WA 98528
(360) 275-4441
All Friday Nights **Invitational Jam     
 Steve and Pat Smith All Fridays         
Leave your stuff at home or in your car.  This is an invitational only jam and they just do not have room for extra items.  
Update 6-3-2017
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1st Saturday of every month  7 to 11  
Songwriters Showcase at Pat's Little Red Barn 
Jeff and Friends 
Update  6-3-2017

Uncle Sam's in Parkland--160th And Pacific Ave--Country, Blues, Rock
Bob Evans, Charley Gould, Jain Reidel  
Every Sunday 7 to 11 
16003 Pacific Ave S, Spanaway, WA 98387
(253) 507-7808
Just past 160th and Pacific Ave on your left going South.
Update 6-3-2017

Stonegate---5421 S Tacoma Way
Wed: Leify Green and Friends  Rock, Blues, Country,you name it Open Mike Night
Thurs: Howard Comfort   Power Rock Jam 
Sunday:  Dave Nichols and Friends   Country Music Jam  8 until ???

Update 9-14-2017
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City Hall Saloon—Rock, Country & Blues----5:30 to 10  Max Renshaw   Every Sunday     360-886-0569
Cumberland, WA
Update 6-3-2017

Dawson’s in Tacoma—Blues & Rock Jam--Billy or LeAnn, Tuesday. Linda Myers Band , Wed. Billy Shew Band,Thurs.  Tim Hall Band on Sunday.  All start at 8  
Live Music every Fri-Sat start at 9
By 56th & South Tacoma Way 
5443 South Tacoma Way  Tacoma, WA 98409
253) 476-1421
Update 6-3-2017
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Raging River Pub in Fall City--Tommy Wall's Jam --7 to 10 PM+
Update 6-3-2017

Robin Hood Pub—Rock, Jazz, Blues Jam—Wednesdays—8 to 11--Robin Hood Pub in Union, WA—360-898-4400---Acoustic and Electric.  Country pickers are welcome.Many original songs in the Folk category.  
6790 Washington 106  Union, WA 98592
(360) 898-4400
Update 6-3-2017

Mostly Country, but rock as well
Union Deli       Thurs. 5:30 to 8 Open Mike               
310 E Dalby Rd.      Friday night bands and jam 6 to 9   
Union, WA 98592
Update  9-14-2017

NW Western Swing Society showcase: all at the Lynnwood Eagles
1 PM till 5 PM every 2nd Sunday of the month.  
Lynnwood Eagles
19223 Hwy 99, Lynwood, WA 
Update 2-1-2014
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**  Invitational for Little Red Barn

Please plan on asking the band leader about getting up to play or sing.  

Do not bring instruments in unless you have been invited.  This place is not large enough to have guitar cases or even harmonica cases lined up against the wall.  
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