Club Directions
Black River Falls Band
Since 1978
Tacoma, Bremerton, Seattle & Olympia, Washington 

Port Orchard Eagles: 360-876-2338

Take highway 16 across the Narrows bridge towards Bremerton.  It is several miles to Pt. Orchard.  Take the Sedgewick road exit.  Right at the stop light.  Up and over the hill and straight through the traffic signal.  Keep going.  The next traffic signal on the long hill is Jackson Ave.  Turn left.  Go down Jackson past five roads on your right and turn right into the Eagles.  The club is on the upper level      

BREMERTON ELKS360-479-1181

Highway 16 across the Narrows Bridge to Bremerton.  Continue on 16 and take the Bremerton Exit.   
Or come on Highway 3 from Shelton to Gorst and go towards Bremerton on Highway 16.
Follow past the shipyard on the new cutover to Callow Ave.  
After you transition to Callow Ave, there will be a 7-ll store on your right and just past this you need to get into the left lane to go straight ahead.
Go straight ahead at the traffic light and at 11th turn right.  There is a Safeway on your right just before the traffic signal.
 Go about one mile to Warren Ave and turn left.  It is the first traffic signal coming down a real steep hill that has a double left turn lane.
Go across what is commonly known as the new bridge.  Go thru the traffic signal at the end of the bridge.  
Turn left at the traffic signal just before there is a 7-11 and a Sizzler restaurant on the right side of the road.
Go to the next stop sign. It is a four way stop on Pine St.
Turn Right. 
Come up the hill several blocks and the Bremerton Elks is on the left side.  There is a real long driveway into the place.  
Dress code is enforced.  No Levi's, Tank Tops, Cutoffs, Etc are allowed  You do not have to wear a jacket and/or tie.
From 72nd and I-5 in Tacoma, it takes one hour to drive to the club.  
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5th St NW & 2nd Ave NW

CLOSING AS OF December 31, 2018  No New Years gig

1.Come to Tacoma on I-5 Southbound.  Take exit 129  ( 72nd -- 74th -- 84th St. )  Go East on S 72nd.  Follow 72 all the way to Puyallup.  When you cross Canyon Road, you will go down a long hill.  At the bottom is a Traffic signal.  Just follow the main road. to the right.   After the Western Washington University Farm you will be on Pioneer Road.  Go straight through the traffic signal at 12th St. S.W..  The next traffic signal is 5th St.  Turn left and just before the railroad tracks is the Puyallup Eagles on your left..  For Musicians, turn left just before the Eagles.  The door to load equipment into is the one with the wheelchair ramp.  For guests, turn either just before or after the Eagles and find a parking space.  The main entrance is by 5th St. where you can turn just after the building.

2.If you know how to get from I-5 to River Road, ( which would be the Puyallup exit )  you can turn onto Pioneer Road just after the Indian hospital and bingo hall.  Stay in the right lane and turn right onto Pioneer at the first traffic signal and the Indian Smokeshop.  

3.The railroad tracks run East to West in Puyallup.  The club is just on the South side of the tracks ( two blocks North of Pioneer Way )  and five blocks West of Meridian 

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Lady  Luck Cowgirl Up
14114 Pacific Avenue  Tacoma, WA
253) 538-4996 

I-5 to Tacoma
Take 512 Exit to Puyallup, Mt Rainier
Right onto Pacific Ave at Exit

Go past 138th St S There is a Key Bank on the right

Look to your right just past 140th and there it will be.  

Sunday Jams are from 4 to 8.  

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.Port Orchard Eagles: 360-876-2338

Take highway 16 across the Narrows bridge towards Bremerton.  It is several miles to Pt. Orchard.  Take the Sedgewick road exit.  Right at the stop light.  Up and over the hill and straight through the traffic signal.  Keep going.  The next traffic signal on the long hill is Jackson Ave.  Turn left.  Go down Jackson past five roads on your right and turn right into the Eagles.  The club is on the upper level  
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Poulsbo Eagles Club

Poulsbo Eagles or North Kitsap Eagles club
The address is approximately 4310 N E Lincoln DR.
Poulsbo, WA  98370
Take highway 3 from Bremerton towards the Hood Canal Bridge
Take the Hiway 305 exit into Poulsbo.  It is the second exit
At the end of the off ramp, turn right at the traffic signal
Get into the left lane and continue on this road.  It will cut down to one lane just after the next traffic signal that you will go straight through.  
You will be on kind of a flat stretch of road and will see a shopping center on the right and some businesses on the left
There will be a traffic signal here that you go straight through.  
Continue up the hill to the next traffic signal for N E Lincoln Road.
Turn left up the steep hill.
Stay on this road for three miles.  
You will come down a steep hill and looking straight ahead on the opposite hill will be a flashing yellow traffic light
Turn left here onto a gravel road that goes for one half mile through the trees until you get to the club.  
You’ll feel like you have traveled to the ends of earth, but the club has a very nice dance floor, friendly people  and they serve dinner from 6 to 7 PM.  
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Tacoma Amvets 

5717 S Tyler St 
Tacoma, WA. Phone: 

I-5 to Tacoma
Take the 56th St Exit West
Go past South Tacoma Way and over the railroad tracks
When you see Moctazuma’s on the left just before the traffic signal, get in left turn lane.  
Turn left at Tyler
The club is the first large building behind the Mexican restaurant. 
The entrance is on the uphill side of the building
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Auburn Eagles: 702 M St. SE 
1-253 833-2298
CLOSING AS OF December 31, 2018 No New Years gig

Take I-5 to Highway 18.  Take the Auburn Way exit.  Stay in the right lane and make a right at the stop light.  Go back under the freeway and at the next light turn right. at 4th St.. A Burger King is on the corner.   Go to the end of the road or M St..  Turn right.  Go back under the freeway and across the Railroad tracks.  About two blocks on your left is the Auburn Eagles. Parking and the main door are in the back of the club. 
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White Center Eagles Club
10452 15th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106

I-5 to I-518 Go West towards Burien.  Just before end of freeway take the freeway to Seattle and get off at S 128th.  Turn left.  Cross 1st Ave South.  Continue to Ambaum Blvd.  Turn right.   Ambaun turns into 16th SW in White Center.  At White Center just past the funeral home on your right, turn right at 107th.  Go one block to the gas station, turn left and just after the bowling alley you will see the sign for White Center Eagles Club on your right   Plenty parking to the left of the club.  

Wally’s cell253-208-7924
Jennifer’s cell253-227-5454

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22316 Mountain Highway
Come to Tacoma.  Get on Pacific Ave South bound ( Highway #7 ) to Mt. Rainier.  Follow Pacific Ave to the Roy Y.  Keep to the left at the Y.  You will go underneath a railroad bridge over the road and soon after that will be a Traffice Signal at 224th St. 
Just before that sign is the Spanapark Eagles on your right.  Parking is in the back and so is the main entrance.  
Wally’s cell253-208-7924
      Jennifer’s cell    253-227-5454
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Buckley Eagles Club
290 E Highway 410
Buckley, WA 98321

From Lakewood just S of Tacoma, take 512 for 11.1 miles and merge onto Hwy 167.......stay in right lane.  In 1.1 mile merge onto Hwy 410.  In about another 11 miles you will see the Buckley Eagles Club on your left.  Plenty of parking and good sized dance floor.  
If you go past the sharp left curve in Buckley you went to far.  Obey the speed limits.  They mean what they say!!!!!

From the Seattle Area go to Renton on 405 from Tukwilla and get onto Hwy 167 to go South--continue with the above instructions.

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Olympia VFW 
2902 Martin Way
Olympia, WA  98506
Take I-5 South to Olympia--Exit at Marin Way and follow it past a Jack in the Box.  Not too far after the J I B there is a bowling alley on the left side.  The VFW is across the road on your right. 
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South Tacoma Eagles

From I-5 take Exit 129 72nd 74th St.
Southbound stay in the right hand lane and turn right at light onto 74th.
Northbound stay in the left lane, turn left, cross freeway to west and go straight ahead on 74th.
Go thru the traffic signal at the bottom of the hill ( Oakes) and turn right at the next street. Pine St.  
Go North and on the corner of 72nd & Pine the Club will be on the corner to your right.

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