Black River Falls Band
 Since 1978
Tacoma, Bremerton, Seattle & Olympia, Washington

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Black River Falls Band
Wally Giffin  Pedal Steel, Sometimes Vocal
Charlie Gould      Lead, Vocal
Butch Gibson  Bass, Vocal
Amanda Lee  Rhythm, Vocal
Peter Ross           Drums  Vocal

We are a Five Piece Band with Three Singers and Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums. 
The Singing is Split Evenly between the singers.  Of course, every once in a while Charlie or I will play an instrumental, but when is the last time that you heard a band do an Instrumental song with the Pure Sweet Sounds of a Pedal Steel and Lead Guitar. 
We Love to Play the Music that our Crowd wants to Hear and Dance too.   Come on down and give us a listen.   You will be Happy You Did!   
The Black River Falls Band plays recognizable dance music.  Old Country, New Country, 50’s & 60’s Rock and Roll, Popular Rock songs from the 1950’s up to modern times, some Blues, many standards and even a polka or schottische if you want one along with Country Line Dance tunes.  
We take Requests and are regularly adding more songs to our lists.  We do “Old Country”, “New Country”, “50’s and 60’s Rock and Roll”,  “Country Rock”, Standard Rock Songs from the Fifties up to the 90's “Swing”, “Blues”, “Pop”, “Polkas”, schottische” and Line Dance songs.  And Yes, we do Waltzes, both old and new.  
We start on time and we take 15-minute breaks, not thirty or forty minute breaks.
We pride ourselves on pleasing the crowd.  
Let us know if anyone has a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion to celebrate.  It does not have to be a wedding anniversary.  It can be a Retirement or Anything you can think of.   We will do our best to accommodate you and play a song for you that will fit the occasion.  

Charlie Gould is our resident lead picker supreme
He comes from a vast background of music, from jazz to classic swing to disco to rock and roll, modern rock and country
Charlie has worked as a professional jazz bass and lead guitar picker for over 30 years and teaches both instruments in his home studio.  

Thanks to  Sadie Mae for standing  in for Charlie while we went looking for a real photo of him.    
Charlie Gould began performing with local bands in the Tucson area while still in High School. He studied music at the University of Arizona while continuing to perform in local bands in the Tucson club scene during the early ‘70s.  After college he moved to the Seattle area where he performed with the popular band Proof of Purchase, performing in concert with B.B. King, James Brown, Chubby Checker, Big Country, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, The Dramatics, Pee Wee Herman, The Four Aces, and Stanley Turrentine.
  Following his five year stint with Proof of Purchase he traveled with a successful show band located out of Lake Tahoe, and performed throughout the Western United States with many appearances in major casinos throughout Nevada, including frequent dates at both Harrah’s and Caesar's Palace in Lake Tahoe.
  In 1984 Charlie moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he formed a band called City Heat with the former keyboard player and guitar player from the famous Bay Area funk band Graham Central Station. City Heat enjoyed great success in the Bay Area club scene.
Since returning to the Seattle area in 1988, Charlie has performed regularly with different groups playing a wide variety of musical styles in night clubs, casinos, ballroom dance Clubs and cruise ships.
  Charlie has also performed on many live television and radio broadcasts through the years and has been an active studio musician as well, playing on many records. 

Wally started his music by learning the Hawaiian guitar for over six years from the age of 13.
His first paying job was as a rhythm guitar player and original member of the “Dynamics” Rock and Roll band. Aces Up was a top ten hit at KJR in 1959 & 60. The band was formed in Seattle at Chief Sealth High in 1959. He married in 1960, joined the USAF and ended up in France for two years. A couple of gigs there and house parties was it for the rest of that enlistment. In 1972, Wally took up pedal steel guitar and formed his own band, “Country Lovin”. They worked clubs and taverns in the Pierce County area. After ‘Country Lovin’ disbanded he worked with several different bands from Ballard to South Pierce County including one with Bonnie Guitar’s daughter, Paula, and her husband Jerry Johnson in a band called “Home Cookin’” for a year or two. One highlight of that band was playing the Annual Fireman's Ball in Anchorage, Alaska from very early Saturday to 4 am the next morning in the mid 1970's. One of the craziest music nights ever. He worked with Tommy Price at the Auburn Eagles Sunday Jams for quite some time and then In 1984 he joined the “Black River Falls Band” and has been the bandleader since 1993. 
A couple years back, Wally put together the Roy General Store Jam for close to a year. During the 1990’s Wally sponsored, organized and put on eleven Pedal Steel Guitar Jams here for WA, OR, ID, MT and worked on and off with Cole Shelton, Grover Jackson, Shotgun Red and several other local stars, also on several studio recordings for different area artists and of course the CD the band made for his wife, Judy Kuneman Giffin a year before she passed In 2003. He worked a Bumbershoot gig with a well known Seattle group led by Jay Aimes back the 1990’s.  
The Black River Falls Band is the longest continuous working ‘Country’ and Variety music band in the Pacific Northwest. “Good Dance Music Since 1978”  
iWally Giffin  Pedal Steel

Good Dance Music 
for 44Years 
Butch Gibson          12

I wish I had taken up music when I was a child, I missed so many years. I picked up my instrument very late; I was 35 when I first tried the bass and I was actually trying to learn the guitar and accidentally came across the bass. I was 37 the first time I got on stage and Almost 40 when dad and I put together the Pardners Band
I've had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with some of our local legends such as Shotgun Red, Cole Shelton, Marty Dahlgren and Jimmy Webb.
For the nationally known stars the Haggar twins were interesting,  you were never quite certain if they were serious.
Hank Thompson brought back some old favorites and he's a pretty easy going guy. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Now the most enjoyable has to be Ferlin Husky. He would sit and talk to you like he had known you for years, Then he'd kick back and say don't worry we're just gonna' have fun.

Band history:     Country Deputies
                             Santa Fe
                             Gold Rush
          Black River Falls Band
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Charlie Gould

Mandy Lee
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Finally, here is the real photo of Charlie.  Isn't he a handsome devil? 


Peter Ross, A talented musician and vocalist has been playing music for many years with regional bands featuring rock, blues, and Country. He is truly one of the better local drummers and an exceptionally nice guy who loves playing music and having fun! 

We are tickled to have Peter with us.
Stop by and say Hi. You'll be glad you did!


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Since Mandy first sang in the Black River Falls Band, she has attended Pierce College where she studied music, the jazz choir and received her Bachelors Degree.. Quite a bit different than Country music, but she now is back to her roots and sounding better than ever. If fact if she keeps up with her singing, she just may surpass her great aunt Judy's quality of voice. 
We are extremely happy to have her in the band. With the addition of many favorite girl songs, She adds a flavor to our song list that most bands do not have.

As of 2018, Mandy has been married to her lifelong best friend and now has our new female fiddle player.   So, along with Dudley, the grouchy old dog, they have a perfect family.  Mandy looks forward to entertaining folks for a long time.  Stop by and make a new friend.  You'll be glad you did.  d

No Dudley has not met Sadie Mae yet. He's kind of a grouchy old fart but he's getting much betterrr.